Joongho YUM (염중호)

Unfortunately there was not a lot of photography at the KIAF last week, but there was still some interesting work. I’ll post some information of the photographers that caught my eye during the next couple of weeks, and then I will continue to use this space to show more work of Korean photographers. There are not many resources in English about Korean photography happening here so hopefully this will serve as an archive for that as well as to motivate me to get out and explore the art scene a bit more.

One of the photographers that caught my eye as soon as I saw his work was Joongho Yum. His images are understated and simple to the point that could be easy to ignore. It can be somewhat puzzling at first to understand why he photograph such mundane things, but soon his quirky sensibility comes through. He photographs in both Korea and Europe–he is based in France–but you would be hard press to tell where any given picture was shot. His work highlights some of the sameness that different urban environments tend to have, and the fragmented and disjointed compositions mirror the discrete quality that city life has.









His latest work “Let’s Remain Courteous” is about the relationship between plants and the urban environment. Particularly the symbiosis between humans and plants as they grow in seemingly inhospitable places.


이동엽 스캔작업


The work was being shown at the Gallery 101 (soon to be renamed Space BM) booth.